Growing truffles

How To Grow Truffles: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners

There are plenty of absolutely delicious treats that you could get to reward yourself for getting the job done, but there aren’t many out there that can rival the truffle. While many of us have gone through life without ever having tasted a truffle, it is actually considered to be …

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Duck Names

Duck-tastic: 100+ Fun and Unique Duck Names

Ducks are considered to be some of the most enjoyable birds you could have around your backyard, and who can say otherwise after seeing them waddle around happily without a care in the world? On top of being absolutely adorable though, they’re also fairly inexpensive, and if you do want …

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Geese Eggs

Goose Eggs 101 – Everything You Should Know

No matter who you are and no matter what kind of a homesteader you are, you should never limit yourself to just one source of income, because you never know what the future holds for you. The problem here is that when searching for a new source of money, you …

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Angus Cows

Angus Cows – Why Are They So Special?

There are so many reasons why you should love cows. For example, we all know that they are a constant source of food, as they can be raised for meat, milk and even hides, making them extremely useful to raise. On top of that they can also be used as …

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Types of Barns

15 Types of Barns and Barn Styles You Should Know

Are you looking for a few interesting ideas for your new barn project? Well then look no further because we’ve got the exact type of content you’ve been searching for all along. There are a ton of amazing barn ideas that you can snatch and make your own out there, …

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Jersey Cows

Jersey Cows: Breed Profile, Facts and Photos

We love milk, you love milk, everybody loves milk. Well, what about people who are lactose intolerant? They might love it even more than anyone else if they’re willing to go through hell and back just to get a sip of the life juice that is milk. All jokes aside, …

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Sod Farming

Sod Farming: How to Start a Successful Sod Farm

There are a lot of farming ventures that you could dip your toes in, and while some are more profitable than others, there is one farming venture that not a lot of people even consider when looking to get started. We are talking about sod farming – that may sound …

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