Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken: Everything You Need to Know

They say that the dinosaurs were wiped out around 65 million years ago, but little do these people know that you can actually just turn your head a bit to the side, and follow the horrifying clucks of the giants roaring from their own backyards! That’s right, today we are …

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Types of Farms

Types of Farms: 15 Different Types of Farming

Farming is one of the oldest practices that we as a species have known of for quite some time now. Essentially, we’ve always been farmers, and although times have changed and people are more enamored with the “modern city lifestyle”, there will always be a demand for agricultural work. This …

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Best Chicken Breeds for Meat

These Are The 20 Best Chicken Breeds for Meat

As time moves on, we all learn more and more about nutrition and health, which is why we progressively lean more towards healthier foods as opposed to just going for whatever we have at the supermarket. This has been especially poignant in the meat industry, as more and more information …

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chaos gardening

Chaos Gardening: 10 Steps to Plant a Chaos Garden

There is just something so mesmerizing about planting seeds in your garden, something so stunning about taking these little specks of life and bringing them together to create a whole new lifeform right then and there. All that you really need is a little bit of moisture and some dirt …

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cow names

100 Cow Names that are just Mootastic!

Giving your animals names is the absolute best way to become better acquainted with the little buggers and formerly welcome them into your family. But while most people consider cats and dogs to be the only acceptable pets out there, many people forget just how loving cows can be as …

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Farm Silos

Farm Silos: Everything You Need to Know

The agricultural industry has really changed a lot over the past couple of decades now, to the point where you can’t even call yourself a farmer anymore unless you use at least a few new age techniques and equipment that the world has in store for you. One such piece …

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Australorp Chickens

The Ultimate Guide to Australorp Chickens

Despite the fact that they haven’t been around for that long, Australorp chickens have already made quite a reputation for themselves around the poultry industry simply because of how unique and profitable they are. Their name is actually a contraction of the Australian black Orpington, and despite the fact that …

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History of Dry Farming

Dry Farming 101: Everything You Need to Know

Global population growth, increasing consumption of food, and limited water and energy resources are just a few of the issues that affect humanity today. Agriculture is vital for economic stability and helps to eliminate poverty, modernize society, and get faster and more long-term development. That’s why farmers and scientists from …

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Raising Guinea Fowls

Raising Guinea Fowls: A Complete Guide to do it Right

Guinea Fowls may be some of the most misunderstood birds out there simply because over the course of history nobody seems to have really understood what they were all about and specifically why they couldn’t be tamed all the way. These birds have always wanted one thing and one thing …

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Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees: How to do it and When

Most of us are fully committed to vegetable gardening, but why stop there? It’s wonderful to walk into a store and drop a box of apples or peaches into your basket. Who doesn’t enjoy delicious fruits? But on the other hand, stepping outside and picking organic fruits directly from your …

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