Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs: All You Need to Know

Being one of the oldest breeds of swine out there, the Berkshire pigs are known all around the world as one of the safest options for any farmers out there regardless of what they’re currently looking for. For over 350 years now, Berkshire pigs have been the crème de la …

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Silkie Chickens

Silkie Chickens: Everything You Need to Know

There are plenty of awesome chicken breeds out there, that you surely need to check out if you’re just thinking of starting your own coop now. Each breed has its own interesting characteristics and pros and cons, which you need to keep in mind before you make your final decision. …

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Easiest Vegetables to Grow

20 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

If you are on the cusp of making a change in both your diet and your lifestyle then you’ve come to the right place, as we have dedicated our lives towards becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be one step at a time. While we are nowhere …

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Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken: Everything You Need to Know

They say that the dinosaurs were wiped out around 65 million years ago, but little do these people know that you can actually just turn your head a bit to the side, and follow the horrifying clucks of the giants roaring from their own backyards! That’s right, today we are …

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Types of Farms

Types of Farms: 15 Different Types of Farming

Farming is one of the oldest practices that we as a species have known of for quite some time now. Essentially, we’ve always been farmers, and although times have changed and people are more enamored with the “modern city lifestyle”, there will always be a demand for agricultural work. This …

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Best Chicken Breeds for Meat

These Are The 20 Best Chicken Breeds for Meat

As time moves on, we all learn more and more about nutrition and health, which is why we progressively lean more towards healthier foods as opposed to just going for whatever we have at the supermarket. This has been especially poignant in the meat industry, as more and more information …

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chaos gardening

Chaos Gardening: 10 Steps to Plant a Chaos Garden

There is just something so mesmerizing about planting seeds in your garden, something so stunning about taking these little specks of life and bringing them together to create a whole new lifeform right then and there. All that you really need is a little bit of moisture and some dirt …

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