Leah Shelton

Chief Editor

Involved in the “green” arena for over 20 years, Leah has worn many hats due to her diverse experience and knowledge in the field. In addition to writing for Agronomag, she’s also a sustainability consultant with a unique perspective on eco-friendly farming practices.



Growing up at a small farm on the plains of Louisiana, Leah's passion for agriculture began at a very young age with the simple act of planting seeds. That blossomed over the years into a vast repertoire of experience that includes cultivating heirloom vegetables and implementing best practices in livestock care and poultry rearing.

She also developed a love for writing as the years went by and today she uses her background and knowledge to help others understand the complexities of agriculture and farming with clear, easy to digest content.

At her home, Leah's dedication to agriculture is always on display. She takes care of a small organic vegetable garden and a flourishing orchard, in addition to running a small-scale, sustainable livestock operation. This includes a few cows and a free-range chicken flock.


Leah graduated from Fresno State, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Communications.

EXPERTISE: Sustainable Farming, Animal Husbandry, Gardening, Crop Science
EDUCATION: Fresno State
LOCATION: Walker, Louisiana
TITLE: Chief Editor

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