About Us

Agronomag is an online magazine offering expert insights, the latest news, and professional advice from the world of farming and agriculture.

Founded in late 2016, we quickly became the go-to source for some of the most inspiring and practical insights in this field, and today our articles help more than 60,000 people every month. We showcase everything from sustainable farming practices to timeless techniques, and from small-scale family farms to advanced agribusinesses.

Our biggest goal is to empower farmers, gardeners, and agricultural enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether it’s a quaint backyard garden or a sprawling agricultural enterprise, we believe in nurturing a community where every member – regardless of scale or experience – can find something here to help them grow.

By integrating the latest in agricultural trends, expert advice, and real-world stories, Agronomag aims to enrich your farming experience, making it more productive, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Media Highlights

Our journey in the world of agriculture and farming has led us to significant media coverage, from specialized farming magazines to international news channels, like Healthline, DailyMail, New Scientist, The Conversation and many more.

This recognition of our hard work and commitment has been an extraordinary part of our journey.

Thanks to several key media platforms, we have been recognized as a credible source in the farming sector. We’re excited for you to join us as we continue to expand and make our mark on the global agriculture scene.

Our Team

Discover more about our talented team, tirelessly working to simplify your farm life and add joy to your days.

Leah Shelton

Chief Editor

Involved in the “green” arena for over 10 years, Leah has worn many hats due to her diverse experience and knowledge in the field. In addition to writing for Agronomag, she’s also a sustainability consultant with a unique perspective on eco-friendly farming practices. [read more]

Alan Gifford

Associate Editor

Alan might be a rookie in agriculture, but he’s committed to mastering subjects such as the care of farm animals, diverse cultivation techniques and agricultural procedures, operating farm equipment, and understanding the economic aspects of agriculture, among many other things. [read more]

Christine Farr

Freelance Contributor

A permaculture practitioner and researcher, Christine strongly believes in using the art of storytelling for social change. She now manages a small urban farm where she grows and preserves a year round garden, alongside a few chickens and cows. [read more]

Sven Eliasson

Freelance Contributor

Sven worked at a beef cattle operation dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals. He also has a passion for regenerative methods of pasture management and promotes sustainable farming practices. [read more]

Adrian Prisca

Chief Executive Officer

With a wealth of experience in online publishing, Adrian has successfully guided the blog to become one of the most widely-read sources of information and inspiration for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide. [read more]

Editorial Guidelines

At Agronomag we are very passionate about creating content that resonates with the hearts and minds of our farming and agricultural community. Just like a well-tended crop, we nurture and grow our content with the same care and attention, ensuring it is always original, accurate, and engaging.

If you have suggestions or concerns about any of our articles, please feel free to reach out at contact@agronomag.com.

Content Integrity Commitment

Our dedication to content quality and trustworthiness is unwavering. We have a diverse team, comprising writers, editors, fact-checkers and experts in their fields, who work together for rigorous research and continuous review of our content. This ensures our information is not just current and accurate, but also helpful for the needs and interests of our readers.

In the spirit of authenticity, Agronomag strictly refrains from using AI-generated content. Our articles showcase the human touch, featuring a byline with the contributor’s name, background, and additional information links. Each piece is date-stamped for the latest updates and reviewed periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.

Visual Integrity and Diversity

Our visuals – illustrations, graphics, and videos – are either crafted by our in-house team or carefully selected together with field experts. This collaboration ensures our content reflects diverse voices and perspectives. All visual materials are genuine and unaltered to maintain their truthfulness.

Transparency and Corrections

We stand by the accuracy of our content, but in the event of an error, we commit to prompt and transparent corrections. Our corrections include clear notes about what was changed and when.


Our experienced fact-checkers represent a crucial element in preserving our content’s integrity. They ensure that every fact is researched, and every statistic is up-to-date and sourced from reputable entities.

Clear Sourcing

We adhere to strict sourcing standards, relying on reputable, current sources and avoiding anonymous sourcing to maintain transparency and trust.

Anti-Bias and Diversity Commitment

At Agronomag we embrace respect, representation, and opportunity for all. We actively seek perspectives that are often overlooked, including those from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women, to serve a diverse readership.

Our anti bias board reviews our content to ensure it aligns with our values of diversity, inclusion, and racial justice.

Independence and Impartiality

Our editorial independence is paramount. We maintain a clear separation between our editorial and sponsored content, ensuring that our articles are not influenced by advertisers. Our product and service reviews are unbiased and based on thorough research and testing.

Originality and Ethical Standards

We promote originality and ethical journalistic practices. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate action.

Authors and contributors to our website are expected to comply with all relevant laws, uphold professional standards, and adhere to accepted journalism practices, including:

Social Media

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Work with Us

We welcome freelance writers with a strong background in agriculture to help us fulfill our goal of giving practical advice and inspiration to those passionate about farming and rural life.

If you have a story to share, a perspective to offer, or a concern to raise, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Interested contributors can reach us at: contact@agronomag.com. Let’s cultivate a community where every voice in agriculture and farming is heard and valued.

Please note that we don’t consider unsolicited guest submissions, articles, blogs, infographics, or posts.

Contact Us

We always love to hear from our readers. For any feedback, advertising opportunities or press inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at contact@agronomag.com or using the contact form here.

If you prefer to give us a call or send a traditional letter, our address is 18 Somesului Street, Sibiu, 550003, Romania, and our phone number is +40 745 999 085.


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