About Us

AgronoMag is an online magazine with information, news and advice about farming & agriculture. Founded in late 2016, we’re growing day by day. If you’re interested in agriculture, animal breeding, crops, agricultural technology and much more this site should be one of your daily reads.

Our mission here is to make your farm life easier and even more enjoyable.

We were featured in (or linked by) leading websites like: Healthline, DailyMail, Wikipedia, New Scientist, The Conversation and many more.

Our Team

Leah Shelton (Chief Editor)

Involved in the “green” arena for over 10 years, Leah has worn many hats due to her diverse experience and knowledge in the field. In addition to writing for Agronomag, she’s also a sustainability consultant with a unique perspective on eco-friendly farming practices.

Topics she loves to geek out about: regenerative food systems, chickens and cattle breeds, homesteading and green cities.

Allan Martinez (Associate Editor)

Allan is an independent consultant in all things agricultural: from vegetable gardening to meat, egg and milk production, assisting in areas of technical service, new product development, and holistic management and stewardship of agricultural investments.

Sven Eliasson (Contributor)

Sven used to have a beef cattle operation dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals. He also has a passion for using regenerative methods of pasture management.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the industry and the latest farming trends and techniques our magazine reached a whole new audience.

Christine Farr (Contributor)

A permaculture practitioner and researcher, Christine strongly believes in using the art of storytelling for social change. She now manages a small urban farm where she grows and preserves a year round garden, alongside a few chickens and cows.

Adrian Prisca (CEO)

With a wealth of experience in online publishing, Adrian has successfully guided the blog to become one of the most widely-read sources of information and inspiration for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide.

Under her leadership, Agronomag has become a go-to resource for expert information, insightful commentary, and valuable tips for today’s modern farmers. 


Currently, AgronoMag is reaching monthly over 60.000 unique visitors from 175 different countries. Most of our readers are from the US (about 50%), followed by the UK, Canada and India (about 5% each). Our content is picked up and shared pretty often on Social Media and other websites, generating additional visibility and awareness.

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