Types of Farms

Types of Farms: 15 Different Types of Farming

Farming is one of the oldest practices that we as a species have known of for quite some time now. Essentially, we’ve always been farmers, and although times have changed and people are more enamored with the “modern city lifestyle”, there will always be a demand for agricultural work. This …

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Farm Silos

Farm Silos: Everything You Need to Know

The agricultural industry has really changed a lot over the past couple of decades now, to the point where you can’t even call yourself a farmer anymore unless you use at least a few new age techniques and equipment that the world has in store for you. One such piece …

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History of Dry Farming

Dry Farming 101: Everything You Need to Know

Global population growth, increasing consumption of food, and limited water and energy resources are just a few of the issues that affect humanity today. Agriculture is vital for economic stability and helps to eliminate poverty, modernize society, and get faster and more long-term development. That’s why farmers and scientists from …

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Farm Ponds

Farm Ponds: How to Build One on your Farm

Regardless of whether you are new to the wonderful practice known as farming or if you’ve been at it for over a decade now, you still need help every now and then when it comes to the little additions to your farm that could really maximize your production as a …

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best schools for farmers

The 25 Best Schools for Farmers in the US

Whether you’re a young person looking to better yourself when it comes to the farming life or if you’re an older individual looking to really take that final step towards becoming the best farmer you could ever be, chances are that you already looked into what the best schools for …

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Best Farming Museums

These are the 25 Best Farming Museums

Many people think farming is an easy job everybody can do. However, the same people never tried raising animals, planting a garden, cleaning dirty barns. Farmers are the people who put food on our tables and often earn too little for their efforts. We all should respect them and thank …

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How to Start a Farm with No Money

How to Start a Farm with No Money

We all have aspirations and desires in life, and as much as we wish we were never focused on things we couldn’t achieve; it is in our nature to literally always want more. Because of this want for more we can actually end up in those awkward situations known as “the …

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Best Magazines for Farmers

These are the 15 Best Magazines for Farmers

There is a myth currently being spread all around the globe even as we speak, and that is the myth that newspapers are old fashioned and that nobody reads them anymore. While to some extent, the mass production of newspapers has been greatly halted over the years to the point …

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list of books about farming

22 Books about Farming, Food and Agricultural Innovations

While handbooks and scientific studies are always an interesting read for those interested in farming and all agriculture-related aspects, we decided to gather a list of books about farming that go one step further into the various aspects, problems and statistics regarding modern agriculture, food resources and the historical development …

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movies about farming

20 Best Movies and Documentaries about Farming

Everyone loves a good story about hard laboring people who succeed in life by taking challenges and working hard. Also, a good story about farming, one of the first activities that preoccupied humankind since thousands of years is still compelling to watch, because modern technologies and innovations in the field …

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