How to plant, care, grow and harvest lavender

Lavender is a durable, easy-to-maintain plant that can bring in a lot of money, even if it’s grown only on restricted surfaces. Lavender is a perennial shrub that is part of the Lamiaceae family. It has evergreen leaves, usually green-silver. It reaches maturity in 2-5 years and lives 40-50 years on average. In Western Europe,… Read More »

How to plant, grow and harvest peanuts

Peanuts most likely originate from South America. More than 3,500 years ago, the Incas used peanuts when they buried their dead so they could have food in the afterlife. Spanish explorers brought peanuts to Spain and from there they spread throughout Asia and Africa. Peanuts have become a common culture, especially in Africa where they… Read More »

Pearl farming and its impact on marine life

Precious and coveted jewelry items, which have become the object of a prosperous and profitable industry today, pearls are, above all, nature’s creations. Nothing could have existed – neither the jewelry, nor the metaphors involving the pearl, nor the millions of dollars – if the natural process had not existed first: some species of mollusks… Read More »

20 best movies and documentaries about farming

Everyone loves a good story about hard laboring people who succeed in life by taking challenges and working hard. Also, a good story about farming, one of the first activities that preoccupied humankind since thousands of years is still compelling to watch, because modern technologies and innovations in the field are used to further grow… Read More »

Reindeer farming – a cultural approach to herding reindeer

Reindeer farming has become something that various farmers from all around the world are finding to be appealing because growing reindeer offers the opportunity to capitalize on different aspects. The image of the reindeer has been associated since the early years of childhood for many people with the coming of Santa Claus and the white… Read More »

Minimizing winter losses in the bee colony and increasing honey production

Ever since ancient times, people have consumed bee honey, appreciating it for its rich taste and nourishing properties. The domestication of these insects has taken place since the beginning of civilization, as beekeeping is displayed even in the oldest forms of Egyptian art. Beekeeping can be practiced by two techniques: stationary or migratory. As the… Read More »

Cosmic Crisp, the most exciting launch on the apple market

One of the most interesting launches will hit US supermarkets in December 2019. It’s a new product that has been developed in the state of Washington. The Cosmic Crisp apple has a strong marketing campaign to back up the special properties of this new apple variety and many say that it’s something as big as… Read More »

Global growth of the cider market and its implications in agriculture

Apple cider is one of the oldest natural beverages produced by humans, and even the “father” of medicine, Hippocrates, considered it a true antibiotic. With a low alcohol content (between 3 – 8%), cider is obtained by fermenting fruits, especially apples. With a refreshing taste reminiscent of sparkling wine, cider has many benefits for the… Read More »

Gum Arabic – a steady investment opportunity for African farmers

If you ever paid attention to the ingredients list on food products, you most likely noticed that gum Arabic is a very common ingredient. But what is this gum and where does it come from? Well, gum Arabic is a “hot commodity” for African farmers because it has various uses, not just in the food… Read More »

How to prune an apple tree correctly (a beginner’s guide)

Ever since the beginning of time, apple trees have been of great importance to supply people with tasty fruits. They may be called “the forbidden” fruits, but apples are relatively easy to care for and you can expect to obtain a good yield in most years, especially if you learn how to prune apple trees.… Read More »