Angus Cows

Angus Cows – Why Are They So Special?

There are so many reasons why you should love cows. For example, we all know that they are a constant source of food, as they can be raised for meat, milk and even hides, making them extremely useful to raise. On top of that they can also be used as …

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Jersey Cows

Jersey Cows: Breed Profile, Facts and Photos

We love milk, you love milk, everybody loves milk. Well, what about people who are lactose intolerant? They might love it even more than anyone else if they’re willing to go through hell and back just to get a sip of the life juice that is milk. All jokes aside, …

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Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs: All You Need to Know

Being one of the oldest breeds of swine out there, the Berkshire pigs are known all around the world as one of the safest options for any farmers out there regardless of what they’re currently looking for. For over 350 years now, Berkshire pigs have been the crème de la …

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cow names

100 Cow Names that are just Mootastic!

Giving your animals names is the absolute best way to become better acquainted with the little buggers and formerly welcome them into your family. But while most people consider cats and dogs to be the only acceptable pets out there, many people forget just how loving cows can be as …

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