Turkey Farming

Turkey Farming: 15 Things You Should Look For

Commercial turkey farming is always going to be a great business venture as it seems very easy for you to start turning your investment and hard work into a profit. That’s because turkeys grow way faster than broiler chickens and they bring a much heftier paycheck by the end of …

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Best duck breeds for eggs

The 15 Best Duck Breeds for Eggs

When you get yourself some new chickens, chances are that your neighbors are instantly going to ask you what breed you went for. That’s because different chicken breeds are meant for different tasks altogether. Maybe you want a big chicken breed that you can raise for its meat production. Or, …

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Emu Farming

Emu Farming: An In-Depth Guide on Raising Emus

Whenever people think about starting their very own livestock farm, they usually think about purchasing cattle, sheep, hogs, or maybe even horses for that matter. While those are not inherently bad choices, what we will have to say though is that you may want to expand your horizons a bit …

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Duck Names

Duck-tastic: 100+ Fun and Unique Duck Names

Ducks are considered to be some of the most enjoyable birds you could have around your backyard, and who can say otherwise after seeing them waddle around happily without a care in the world? On top of being absolutely adorable though, they’re also fairly inexpensive, and if you do want …

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Geese Eggs

Goose Eggs 101 – Everything You Should Know

No matter who you are and no matter what kind of a homesteader you are, you should never limit yourself to just one source of income, because you never know what the future holds for you. The problem here is that when searching for a new source of money, you …

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Rhode Island Red chickens

Rhode Island Red Chickens: Everything You Should Know

Chicken are arguably one of the most versatile birds that we’ve ever domesticated and that’s a fact. There are plenty of people that will argue that cats or dogs are better animals to have around, but when it comes to overall use value, the chicken reigns supreme. On top of …

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