Adrian Prisca

Chief Editor

With a wealth of experience in online publishing, Adrian has successfully guided the blog to become one of the most widely-read sources of information and inspiration for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide.

Under her leadership, Agronomag has become a go-to resource for expert information, insightful commentary, and valuable tips for today's modern farmers.



Fueled by a deep enthusiasm for web development and online marketing, Adrian kicked off his entrepreneurial journey in his 20s, launching multiple online ventures across different sectors. Some of those websites proved to be really successful.

That's why he decided to start a digital marketing agency to aid other businesses in boosting their presence online. In a few years however, he chose to leave this role to concentrate on his personal ventures.

This led to the birth of OMG, a new media company that stands out for its curated selection of impactful blogs and online publications. Agronomag was added to the company's portfolio in 2021 and as the CEO, Adrian is at the helm of both content development and the strategic direction of the magazine.


Adrian has a double degree in IT and Business Administration from Lucian Blaga University.

EXPERTISE: Lifestyle, Business, Technology
EDUCATION: Lucian Blaga University
LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania
TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

About Agronomag

Founded in late 2016, Agronomag quickly became the go-to source for some of the most inspiring and practical insights in the world of farming and agriculture. We now help more than 60,000 people every month find the information they need, from sustainable farming practices to timeless techniques, for small-scale family farms and advanced agribusinesses. Learn more about us and our editorial process.

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