Christine Farr

Freelance Contributor

A permaculture practitioner and researcher, Christine strongly believes in using the art of storytelling for social change. She now manages a small urban farm where she grows and preserves a year round garden.

She was one of the first contributors for Agronomag, providing coverage on a variety of topics, from crop cultivation and organic gardening practices to livestock care, news and agricultural events.



Christine has over a decade of experience in writing, with her expertise extending across several domains of farming and gardening. For instance, she's well-versed in hydroponics, a testament to her adaptability and curiosity in innovative farming methods. But she can also write about timeless agricultural practices or garden design.

Her diverse skill set is not just limited to agriculture and gardening. Christine's background in editing, writing, and researching across various sectors, including sustainable landscaping, houseplant care, backyard makeovers or urban farming adds depth to her understanding of our audience, making her an excellent contributor to Agronomag.


Christine has a BA degree in agricultural journalism from Purdue University.

EXPERTISE: Organic Gardening, Urban Farming, Poultry Management, Agri Business
EDUCATION: Purdue University
LOCATION: Princeton, Indiana
TITLE: Freelance Contributor

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