Pygmy Goats Guide

Pygmy Goats: Everything You Need to Know about Them

You can immediately discern a lot about someone based on the pet that they own. Depending on whether the person owns a cat or a dog, you can actually tell immediately whether you are compatible or not. While this is all speculation without any real scientific evidence, what is without …

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Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

These are the Main Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

In case you didn’t know, both llamas and alpacas have been helping humanity out in terms of transportation for thousands of years by now, but despite this very few people have actually ever managed to distinguish them one from another. This is because look wise they are extremely similar and …

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common pig diseases

The Most Common Pig Diseases

Pig producers, just like any other animal farmers are well aware of the fact that in order to be successful in their field, they must ensure the health of their pig stock. Given that prevention is the best measure to avoid losing valuable animals, it’s important to know which are …

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Sheep - nutrition guide & nutritional requirements

Nutritional requirements of sheep

Raising sheep as a profitable farming business imposes an appropriate diet for optimal animal husbandry and production. Sheep nutrition should include water, energy (carbohydrates and fats), proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Under certain conditions, veterinarians also recommend additional nutrients to be added to the daily nutrition of sheep. The production cycle …

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types of wool

11 things to know about wool – types of wool

The shorn coat of the sheep is probably known since the Bronze Age as a textile material. The ancient Egyptians already opened wool factories on large scale to process this precious material. Until the 19th-century wool was considered a precious material and the wearing of woolen clothing was a privilege …

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rarest horse breeds

10 Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

The first horses were domesticated approximately 8.000 – 7.000 years ago and had an important role throughout history in the development of civilization. Horses were used in battles, in agriculture, forestry and other types of activities. Horses were grown for recreational purposes just since the 18th century. Although there are …

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pig farms

Disease prevention in pig farms

Prevention of pig-specific diseases must be a constant concern of any pig farm, not just in terms of the economic damage that these diseases can cause, but also because some of them pose very serious threats – they can also be transmitted to humans. At the same time, these diseases …

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the biggest cows in the world

The Top 10 Biggest Cows in the World

In terms of size, this is a very important factor when it comes to cows, especially regarding the meat and milk production they offer. At first glance, large cows seem to be a recipe for success for any farmer, but equally important is to take into consideration the challenges of …

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