Best Pig Breeds

Top 15 Best Pig Breeds for Your Farm

When it comes to homesteading there are plenty of ways that you can end up saving money while also improving your service as a whole. Whether we’re talking about the farmland itself or the animals you choose to keep on it, let’s just say that the possibilities are endless from …

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buffalo vs bison

Buffalo vs Bison: These are the Main Differences

There are plenty of mysteries out there that science appears to be at a complete loss when it comes to explaining them. Which one came first for example, was it the chicken or the egg? Are we alone in this universe? What the heck is the difference between a buffalo …

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livestock guard dog

The 15 Best Livestock Guardian Dogs

If you ever even considered the idea of bringing up your very own livestock as opposed to buying your stuff straight from the market then chances are that you also considered the idea of buying a guardian dog as well.  When hit with the realization that one cannot exist without …

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Pygmy Goats Guide

Pygmy Goats: Everything You Need to Know about Them

You can immediately discern a lot about someone based on the pet that they own. Depending on whether the person owns a cat or a dog, you can actually tell immediately whether you are compatible or not. While this is all speculation without any real scientific evidence, what is without …

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Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

These are the Main Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

In case you didn’t know, both llamas and alpacas have been helping humanity out in terms of transportation for thousands of years by now, but despite this very few people have actually ever managed to distinguish them one from another. This is because look wise they are extremely similar and …

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