Brahma Chickens

Brahma Chickens: All You Need to Know About Them

I’m sure you’ve already heard about one of the largest chicken breeds, the Brahma, often referred to as the “King of Chickens”. You’ve probably seen all those viral videos of Brahma roosters showcasing their size, and I bet you watched them in disbelief of how large these chickens can be! …

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Fencing for Chickens

Fencing for Chickens: How to Pick the Right Fences

Owning a farm is actually a lot harder than it seems simply because there are so many aspects to it that most people don’t even realize until it’s too late. You feel like you’ve done everything right up until you eventually garner enough experience for you to realize the fact …

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Best Chicken Waterers

The 15 Best Chicken Waterers for Farms

Let’s be honest here, if you clicked on this link then you already know what you’re looking for and chances are you’re just looking to see what the best choices you have to offer are for you. This is why we won’t bother you with any of the random information …

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Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs 101: Everything You Should Know About Them

When it comes to basic nutritional needs, let’s be honest here, there aren’t all that many products out there that can really match up against eggs. Regardless of whether you like them scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled or whatnot, the truth is that at the end of the day we …

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best chicken toys

The 22 Best Chicken Toys for a Happy Flock

A happy wife is a happy life, but a sad flock can definitely lead to a bad professional life as well which is why for today, we decided to bring you a direct guide over why you should be buying your chicken toys and most importantly, what are the best …

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Black Chicken Breeds

15 Black Chicken Breeds That You Will Surely Like

If you’re in the market for new chickens or if you just want to see something that you’ve never seen before then you have absolutely got to take a look at these black chicken breeds because they’re something else to say the least. Black chicken breeds are quite rare nowadays …

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best roosters

The 15 Best Types of Roosters for Your Flock

If you’re looking to add a good old rooster to your flock there are quite a few things that you should have in mind before you make that final choice. You may think that it’s all about the color of the rooster for example but it’s A LOT more complicated …

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