fusarium corn earn rot

Dangerous corn ear rots: Fusarium

Corn is a host plant for a relatively large number of pathogens, over 50, which invade all organs of the plant from the time of germination to harvest, and infections on grains and corn ears often continue during harvest preservation. Pathogens contribute to the degradation and quantitative and qualitative decrease …

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healthy corn

Dangerous corn ear rots: Aspergillus

Corn is the crop with the most extensive use in animal feed and human nutrition. Therefore obtaining some healthy productions, particularly free of attacks by pathogens like fungi that produce toxins such as Aspergillus or Fusarium is of particular importance for human and animal health. Aspergillus is a common ear …

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common corn ear rots

Symptoms of the Most Common Corn Ear Rots

  Corn ear rots can cause serious damage to farmers by reducing the quality of seed obtained from harvesting cobs and implicitly by reducing the revenue received. It’s very important for everyone working in agriculture to be able to identify these diseases of the corn ear, which are responsible for …

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