Oyster Broodstock

Oyster Farming: Everything You Need to Know

The world as we know it is constantly changing, and as time moves on, we start to develop newfound appreciation for crafts that have helped us through the muck over the years. One such craft that has recently started to garner a lot of traction has been none other than …

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pearl farming and marine life

Pearl farming and its impact on marine life

Precious and coveted jewelry items, which have become the object of a prosperous and profitable industry today, pearls are, above all, nature’s creations. Nothing could have existed – neither the jewelry, nor the metaphors involving the pearl, nor the millions of dollars – if the natural process had not existed …

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Algae Farm - algaulture

The economic benefits of algae farms

Microalgae are suitable sources for producing biofuels and absorbing CO2 emissions from thermal power plants. Algae, which smell so bad and are dangerous when they invade beaches, have become a new problem for the inhabitants of many coastal regions. But they can also be a source of “green oil”. Not …

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