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15 Black Chicken Breeds That You Will Surely Like


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If you’re in the market for new chickens or if you just want to see something that you’ve never seen before then you have absolutely got to take a look at these black chicken breeds because they’re something else to say the least.

Black chicken breeds are quite rare nowadays simply because people don’t know they exist, but as time moves on, they’re gradually becoming more and more popular to the general masses.

In order to celebrate this newfound attention that they’ve been receiving as of late we decided to commemorate the 15 best black chicken breeds out there.

On top of that we’ll also make sure to bring you up to speed with what differences there are between these breeds and any other breeds out there, what the advantages of such an acquisition are and most importantly, why you’d even want to get one in the first place.

With that said, let’s bring up a brief summary of the many different advantages, disadvantages and everything else that there is to these black chicken breeds:

The Advantages of Buying a Black Chicken Breed

Black Chicken advantages
Ольга Бочкарева / pexels.com

When it comes to raising black chicken, there are plenty of advantages to go around, and we’re here to tell you all about them. So, here they are in as brief of a description as we can give for all of them. We’ll delve deeper into them afterwards but for now here they are:

  • They’re absolutely stunning
  • They attract a lot of positive attention
  • Their meat is healthier
  • They offer all the other advantages that owning an ordinary chicken breed would

First and foremost, black chicken breeds are absolutely gorgeous to look at and you know it. From the moment you take a gander at one of these breeds you know for a fact that you have fallen in love with their out of the ordinary look.

They are so gorgeous in fact that many farmers have decided to raise whole farms consisting of black chicken, with one of the main reasons for this being the fact that they are so popular with everyone.

Believe it or not but farmers actually do care about what everyone else thinks about their farm. The farmer can offer the best meat in the world, but if the presentation is lacking then there’s just no reason to be buying from them in the first place.

Black Chicken Types
3dogfarm / pixabay.com

This is why many farmers will buy strange animals for their farm, so that they can make sure that whoever’s visiting remembers them and comes back for more. Some opt for miniature cows, others go for llamas or alpacas, but a new wave of farmers essentially all decided to put their coins in the black chicken breed basket which has really paid off for them.

On top of all of that, their meat is also said to be a lot healthier. The Silkie black chicken breed for example is known for having an especially delicious and healthy meat and that’s all because it contains such high levels of an antioxidant known as carnosine. This makes the already delicious meat even more enticing since on top of it being so good it also turns out to be the healthier alternative to ordinary chicken meat.

Last but not least, black chicken breeds, while different in their very own way, are still chicken after all, so they come with every other advantage that chicken come with.

For example, they all offer quality meat, eggs and they can even be great additions to your family if you want a pet chicken that really stands out from the crowd.

The Disadvantages of Buying a Black Chicken Breed

Black Chicken disadvantages
Elsemargriet / pixabay.com

Here’s a quick list of all of the disadvantages that come with buying yourself a black chicken breed:

  • They’re quite rare and tough to find in local markets
  • Depending on where they live, they might be quite finicky
  • They can be quite temperamental

First off, we should mention that they are definitely getting more and more popular meaning that you’re able to find yourself a black chicken way easier than you would in the past. With that said though, it can still be extremely hard to find one especially if you live in a more remote area.

Secondly, what we mean by finicky is the fact that depending on the climate that you’re basically forcing them to live in, the black feathers they have may be a bit of a hindrance for them since they attract and hold heat for longer than the typical white or red feathers which can lead to them getting hurt.

Last but not least, while not all of them are like this, a lot of black chicken breeds can be quite temperamental and this especially coincides with the environment they’re put in.

Place them in a very warm environment and they’ll pretty much be slowly dying because of the heat which will result in them going absolutely mad every time you come close to them.

So, while not all of them are temperamental, they can get raspy very quickly if you don’t give them the proper tools to live a happy life.

How to Choose a Black Chicken Breed

How to Choose a Black Chicken Breed
reijotelaranta / pixabay.com

Choosing the perfect breed can definitely be a challenge, especially considering just how tough it is to even get one in the first place. Because of this, most people will have to settle for the one breed that they can get in their areas, but if you have more than one pick to choose from them you might want to keep on reading.

But essentially, there are several ways that you can choose a black chicken breed through. For example, if you want more eggs from them then you will definitely want to go more for an egg-laying breed because those are way more fitting for you.

If you want a pet or a nice addition to your farm’s aesthetic then definitely go for a more beautiful chicken breed.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a new pet around your house then you will always want to go for a more docile and sociable black chicken breed simply because this will make your life all the easier on the long run.

Common Questions about Black Chickens

Questions about Black Chickens
reijotelaranta / pixabay.com
  • Do Black Chickens Lay Black Eggs?

While there are definitely some of them that do lay black eggs, for the most part they lay normal eggs just like any other chicken breed. Maybe look into a certain breed that lays black eggs if that’s a dealbreaker for you.

  • Why Are Black Chickens So Expensive?

Well, this all stems back to the fact that they are so hard to find. Since the demand is increasing for them, we can definitely hope that the prices will get more accessible in the near future, but for now all that we can do is we can throw our wallets at the screen and hope that the prices don’t leave us bankrupt

  • Does Black Chicken Taste Different?

When it comes to their taste, while there is definitely a slight difference in flavor, you won’t find enough of a reason to buy them just because of their taste. Their meat is healthier but not necessarily enough to cause you to dish out hundreds more per chicken.

With that said, let’s jump right into the 15 best black chicken breeds out there:

15. Java

Java black chicken
Java black chicken / backyardchickens.com

This is an American breed of black chicken that is quite popular around the world. Despite not being entirely black, they are still relatively gorgeous to look at and they make for a great addition to your farm.

The fact that they’re not all black does end up in their favor though as this does make it easier for them to live in warmer areas, since their feathers won’t be attracting all the heat to the chicken.

14. Crevecoeur

Crevecoeur black chicken
Crevecoeur black chicken / CrevecoeurConservation

For as much as we’d wish to put this breed higher on our list, we simply can’t because of how hard it is to find.

This is one of the most endangered chicken breeds on the market, so if you want to get ahold of one you’ll need to sign a lot of papers to say the least.

But it is still a beautiful chicken breed and one that will attract a lot of attention to you and your farm. Other than this though, it’s not the best when it comes to its meat or its egg production.

13. Svarthöna

Svarthona black chicken
Svarthona black chicken / Freyja Imsland / wikipedia.org

Despite still being relatively rare, Svarthöna is nowhere near as endangered as other breeds on this list. Because of this you can still find one pretty easily in the US.

You might want to get this breed if you’re looking for a good egg-production because they can end up making as many as 250 small eggs every year. On top of that they’re also very friendly, but they’re not the largest birds out there so they’re not specifically great for their meat.

12. Breda

Breda black chicken
Breda black chicken / backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com

This is a large bird right here, and quite a beautiful one at that too. Breda hens produce around 4 massive eggs every week and their meat is said to be one of the best out there.

It’s also a very docile and friendly bird, although it can be quite hard to train one because of how shy they can be around new people.

As of today, it is considered to be endangered, so if you want one, you’ll need to opt for a qualified breeder to say the least.

11. Pekin

Pekin black chicken
Pekin black chickens / pet-hens.co.uk

The Pekin, also known as the Cochin, are mainly known for causing the ‘hen fever’ from the 1800s in the US and the UK and who can blame them really?

They are absolutely stunning to look at and they are quite great around the farm too. They are friendly, they lay up to 3-4 brown, medium-sized eggs every week and their meat is quite delicious.

Overall, there are no downsides to buying one, so definitely opt for one if you want a great pet or a nice addition to your coup.

10. La Fleche

La Fleche black chickens
La Fleche black chickens / livestockconservancy.org

This breed came out around the 15th century and it has had quite an interesting history to say the least. It used to be referred to as the Devil’s bird because of its dark tone and they’ve even been sold off to supposed witches a lot in the past as offerings of some sort.

All stereotypes aside, this breed is pretty interesting to own, it grows a lot slower, taking around ten or so months to fully grow up, reaching up to 6.5kbs in total. They’re great for both eggs and meat although they are not recommended as pets since they can be quite temperamental.

9. Swedish Black

Swedish Black chicken
Swedish Black chicken / greenfirefarms.com

The crazy thing about the Swedish Black is that it’s an all-black chicken breed, and we do mean all-black. Everything from its bones to its feathers to its skin are all completely and utterly black, making it a great choice for people that want a nice ornamental chicken around their coop.

They’re mainly used for eggs, producing around 150 or so per year, and on top of that they’re also some of the most docile chicken on the market so they make for great mascots for your farm or even pets around your household.

8. Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant black chicken
Jersey Giant black chicken / meyerhatchery.com

Despite the fact that this is a rather massive chicken right here, the Jersey Giant is also one of the tamest and calmest chicken you’ll ever lay your eyes on. They can weigh up to 15lbs and yet they’ll jump on your lap and stay there for hours and hours just enjoying your company.

They lay around 150 extra-large eggs every year, which makes them incredible for those that eat or sell a lot of eggs for a living.

Despite the fact that they are so large, they don’t handle heat all that well, meaning that you’ll need to have a way to cool them off on the daily.

7. Langsham

Langsham black chicken
Langsham black chicken / jerseychickens.com

While the Langsham are incredibly beautiful and they can even be referred to as some of the best chicken you’ll ever have around your farm, they are incredibly hard to find because they are endangered.

They are calm and graceful, and they’re great with children too. Despite the fact that they are so popular in China and now in the US as well, they’re still considered to be endangered so getting your hands on them can be quite tough.

They’re great for both their meat and their eggs, although if you just want to use them for their meat, you’ll find it quite tough to find them on the market since they’re endangered and the sellers might not want to sell to you.

6. Sumatra

Sumatra chicken
Sumatra black chicken / rurallivingtoday.com

If you want a black Sumatra chicken then you will definitely need to specifically mention this to the seller simply because there are a ton of different varieties of colors to choose from.

They are known for their incredibly long and beautiful tail feathers and the fact that their skin and bones are also completely black.

They are quite friendly and easy to take care of, and because they are so small, they make for some of the best pets around the house. They don’t make a lot of eggs every year though, less than 100 to be precise, so you might not want to invest in them if you’re actually looking to make a profit anytime soon.

5. Silkies

Silkie black chicken
Silkie black chicken / silkie.org

Yet another gorgeous chicken breed right here, the silkie is one of the most beautiful chickens you’ll ever see and that’s not even an exaggeration.

They are some of the most popular ornamental birds on the market, and this is mainly because of how fluffy they look.

On top of that they’re very small, averaging around 4lbs in total, so they can be quite great around children.

4. Minorca

Minorca black chicken
Minorca black chicken / backyardchickens.com

The Minorca is a rather strange choice to make in this day and age, but an interesting one nonetheless. They are quite literally some of the most unique looking birds on the planet, just look at those pale red faces and tell us you’ve seen something like this before.

They are decent for their egg production, since they can make anywhere between 120 to 200 eggs every year, but most people end up getting them for their ornamental value. Just remember to keep them in warmer environments, they absolutely cannot handle cold temperatures.

3. Australorp

black Australorp chicken
black Australorp chicken / treatsforchickens.com

The Australorp is one of the most lucrative chicken breeds on the market, so much so that people end up getting them even if they’re not interested in owning black chicken in the first place.

This is because they are incredible for their egg production, they literally make around 250 every year and their meat is out of this world.

On top of that they’re also very easy to train and they make for great companions around the farm or even around your household. Australorp roosters look super cool as well.

2. Orpington

Orpington black chicken
Orpington black chicken / wikipedia.org

Yet another one of those universally acclaimed chicken breeds, this bird actually originates from England and despite it looking rather small and frail it can resist to most every temperature out there, so they’re very versatile even in very cold weather.

They are very docile and they also make for some beautiful additions to your farm. They can make anywhere between 150 and 300 eggs every year and on top of that their meat is exceptional.

Couple that with the fact that they weigh around 10lbs each and you have yourself a winner right here.

1. Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani black chicken
Ayam Cemani black chicken / wikipedia.org

This right here is one of the world’s rarest chickens as of today. Ayam Cemani is extremely popular in Indonesia where it originates from, and here is where it is also considered to be connected to the afterlife, with many experts in the field even conducting rituals on them to contact the dead.

They are also known for having black hearts and bringing luck, but all skepticism aside they’re also incredibly great for both their eggs and their meat. Despite not making all that many eggs every year, they are rather large so they’re great for people that just want a nice ornamental addition to their farm.


Black Chicken Breeds
Shaik Shaad / unsplash.com

So, there you have it, everything you should know about the infamous black chicken breeds and more specifically, which ones you should go for. We hope that this guide was helpful and we wish you luck ahead.

If you want to know anything more about them then you can always ask the seller directly because chances are, each and every breed mentioned above has its very own quirks that you need to take into consideration before buying them.

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