Sven Eliasson

Freelance Contributor

Sven worked at a beef cattle operation dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals. He also has a passion for regenerative methods of pasture management and promotes sustainable farming practices. His insights in these areas offer valuable perspectives to our readers.



Growing up in the beautiful countryside of Northern Sweden, Sven has always been close to farm life, learning about cows and sheep from a very young age. His very first job was at a cattle farm close to his family's home, a job that cemented his love for farming.

After completing university, Sven found a new joy in writing, and today he combines his hands-on farm knowledge with a flair for storytelling. He joined the Agronomag team in the summer of 2022 where he provides coverage on livestock, beef, dairy, technology, and young farmers.


Sven has a bachelor's degree in Life Science from Sweden's flagship Umeå University.

EXPERTISE: Animal Husbandry, Sustainable Farming, Agricultural Technology.
EDUCATION: Umeå University
LOCATION: Umeå, Sweden
TITLE: Freelance Contributor

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