Mycoplasma bovis disease New Zealand

New Zealand’s attempt to eradicate a bacterial disease will cause the killing of more than 150,000 cows

The government of New Zealand announced recently that it will sacrifice over 150,000 bovine heads to eradicate the Mycoplasma bovis bacterial disease after reaching an agreement with the zootechnics sector. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described as “difficult” the decision to implement this plan over the next 10 years and it …

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vanilla price record 2018

Vanilla price hits all-time record in 2018

After a few years of constant rise, the vanilla price has hit a new all-time record. Madagascar is the world’s leading vanilla manufacturer, providing 80% of the world’s needs. At present, a kilogram of vanilla beans vary between $ 600 and $ 700, while in 2015 it was only $ …

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Campaign for tree planting - China, 2018

China is on the verge of becoming world leader in environment conservation thanks to its massive tree planting campaign

The Chinese government recently announced that it will plant trees on a territory equivalent to the surface of Ireland over the course of 2018. That’s about 6.6 million hectares. As the United States loses its leadership in the field of the environment conservation, after withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, …

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