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Quail Farming 101: A Definitive Guide on Raising Quails


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There are plenty of different niches that you could get into if you’re looking to join the farming industry but what most people don’t realize is the fact that choosing one and focusing on it will be a lot better than choosing multiple avenues and attempting to become a jack of all trades.

What we mean by this is that instead of chasing several paychecks and eventually ending up in debt it’s better to focus on one avenue and make sure that you understand everything there is to it so that you are always at the top of your game.

While there are plenty of jack of all trades individuals out there, chances are that studying and focusing solely on one niche as opposed to many will be a lot more lucrative for you on the long run.

With that said, for today’s topic we chose quail farming as it is often times considered to be one of the easiest businesses to get into and more specifically it is one of the most fun experiences that you can have in the farming industry.

But before we jump into the really serious bits of information regarding quail farming how about we start off with a simple description of what quail farming even is to begin with.

What is Quail Farming?

Quail Farm
Quail Farm / ArtHouse Studio / pexels.com

Quail farming is the same as most other types of farming except you focus all of your resources on raising quails commercially for the sake of selling their eggs or their meat on the open market.

The reason as to why it is considered to be such an easy thing to do is because quails are the smallest species of poultry birds that you can get your hands on and on top of that they’ve been bred into being domestic birds so they’re actually a lot easier to take care of than most people would think.

Why Would You Choose Quail Farming?

Why Would You Choose Quail Farming
ArtHouse Studio / pexels.com

The main reason as to why you would actually choose quail farming is because as of late it’s been booming in the industry with how many people have shown interest in it.

For example, in Japan it’s actually become one of the most popular trends as more and more people have started consuming quail meat and eggs so there’s been a lot more money being put into this niche than ever before.

On top of that actually raising the quail is pretty much all the same as raising chicken for example or even turkey if you will. They’re very easy to take care of and on top of that they can handle most weather temperatures so they can easily make it through the winter without a lot of help coming from you.

Are Quail Eggs Good for You?

Are Quail Eggs Good for You
Quail Eggs / Klaus Nielsen / pexels.com

Quail eggs are very similar to most other poultry birds’ eggs but what makes them stand out is in their nutritional value.

These eggs contain a lot more protein than the typical chicken eggs and on top of that you also have a plethora of phosphorus, vitamin A, B1, B2 and iron in them which is not found so easily in most other options.

What Makes Quail Farming Different?

Baby Quails at a farm
Baby Quails at a farm / thepoultrysite.com

Many people over the past couple of years have actually decided to get into farming but what they really noticed right off the bat is the fact that not only are they great for beginners but this might actually be the best choice for them overall.

What we mean by this is the fact that since they are so much smaller in size and weight, they are much easier to take care of and couple that with the fact that their eggs and meat sell for a lot more than the typical chicken and you’ve got a one-way ticket to profit in no time.

How Big Are Quails?

How Big Are Quails
Daniel Hernández / unsplash.com

As we mentioned previously, they’re very small birds, to the point where they’re even categorized as such in the wild (small game birds). They are even smaller than bantam-sized chicken which says a lot to say the least.

Since the typical quail will weigh in at around 5 ounces or so you won’t ever have to deal with a lack of space. They take so little space that you can actually keep them on your porch or in a simple cage. We still recommend either building or buying a coop but if you can’t afford it a cage will also work nicely.

The fact that there’s not much meat on their bodies may sound like a downgrade as opposed to how massive turkeys or ducks get but remember, the smaller they are the more expensive the meat is.

What this means for you is that you will actually get a lot more per ounce than you would for any other poultry bird, we can’t say for sure how much more because it’s fully depending on your region but hey, look it up and you’ll be shocked.

This small size is also known to attract a lot of attention from city folk as they can easily keep them in an enclosed space in their small house without having to sacrifice a lot of space.

Baby Quail
Baby Quail / Bithin raj / unsplash.com

There are still going to be plenty of “no chicken” regulations regardless of where you go but this doesn’t say anything about quails for a reason. They are so small and easy to maintain that they’re considered more so pets than actual birds that you’re raising for your own profit.

On top of that they make plenty of small sized eggs that also sell very easily and for a very profitable price which means that you can easily take advantage of that if you want continuous money without the tragic butchering part.

But alas, since they are so small, they are also very easy to clean after, just remember that you still need to do it unless you want your whole house to start smelling. They don’t smell a lot but the concentrated smell can easily stick to your walls and never go away again if you’re not careful.

Are Quails Loud?

Are Quails Loud
Elisa Stone / unsplash.com

This is a rather serious issue that a lot of people will be having as far as most any bird or pet that they choose to own. Essentially, a lot of apartments will not allow you to have chicken since they’re so loud at all times.

But, the good thing about this is the fact that they’re actually very quiet as opposed to most other birds. That’s not to say that they never talk, just that they sound a lot more like wild birds chirping as opposed to the typical chicken rooster singing his heart out every morning.

Even the males from the quails are actually very quiet, you will see them strutting around every now and then but they won’t wake up the whole apartment simply because they feel like it.

Just remember that as you get close to them, they can end up developing a familiar cooing and trilling which can get quite loud if you’re not careful. So, make sure that you don’t visit them during late hours otherwise you might get a notice from your neighbors in no time.

Is Quail Meat Healthy/Tasty?

Is Quail Meat Good
Roasted Quail with Balsamic Reduction / Elise Bauer / simplerecipes.com

As we already mentioned countless times so far, the typical quail is a lot smaller than the typical chicken, duck or turkey. Because of this you cannot expect to get a lot of meat from them unless you’re raising them by the dozens. Sure, there are fairly large quail breeds but remember that just because they’re large for a quail that doesn’t mean that they’re large as opposed to most other chicken breeds out there.

The Bobwhite Quail for example is considered to be one of the largest and most profitable quails to own because of how much larger it is than the typical quail but still, don’t expect them to be massive behemoths anytime soon.

But alas, there are good news coming as well since the quail can easily mature in 18 days or so, meaning that you don’t even need them to be a nuisance for too long around your apartment, you can simply just keep them for about 7 weeks then ship them off for their meat.

On top of that, what makes quails so easy to take care of is the fact that they don’t require a lot of food to begin with. They’re actually fairly easy to maintain and you will easily find yourself managing several dozen quails with the same amount of food you’d need for just a dozen normal everyday chickens. And we also mentioned before that quail meat is typically considered to be healthier and so more expensive than chicken, duck or turkey meat so there’s always that to take into consideration if you’re looking to buy yourself some quails.

Taste wise, you’re looking at a very objective point of view but essentially it is highly recommended that you try it once and see if you like it or not before you actually dig in since it’s quite different from normal chicken meat.

We can’t really describe the taste but what we will say is that you can instantly tell when you’re having quail meat and when you’re having chicken meat.

How Many Eggs Do Quails Lay Every Day?

How Many Eggs Do Quails Lay
Quail Eggs Basket / Pezibear / pixabay.com

Now here’s a fun fact for you that will surely help you a ton if you’re looking to deal with quails in the near future: They’re very good egg layers and on top of that while the eggs are definitely a lot smaller than you’d think they’re also a lot yummier and healthier for you.

The typical quail will lay 1-2 eggs a day, considering just how small they are however you will definitely need a lot more of them lying around if you’re looking to make a profit.

They can actually start laying eggs as soon as they reach the ripe old age of 7 weeks old, and you can also use their eggs for your own batch if you’re interested.

It’s actually very funny but as more and more people are getting into the quail industry, it’s becoming a lot more mainstream to just own quails for the sake of eating their eggs as opposed to selling them on the market.

Quail Egg Nest
Quail Egg Nest / pixabay.com

Last but not least you should remember the fact that quails actually will start laying eggs as soon as 2 months after they’re born as opposed to the typical chicken that takes four and a half months per average. That’s a lot less time and considering the higher price there’s really no downside to these eggs.

Looks wise we’re talking about one of the most unique looking egg color schemes you’ll ever see. Just look at how different they look from one another and what’s even better about it is that every egg is completely unique.

They’re also a popular breakfast item to the point where you can turn them into any food item that you’re craving whether that’s deviled eggs, scotch eggs, pickled eggs or even the classic hard-boiled eggs.

Let’s not forget about the fact that they’re just like chickens in terms of the fact that they can actually start making eggs even without having a male quail nearby. This means that you can just buy a batch of females and either start selling the eggs or just take them for yourself.

How Much Do Quails Cost?

Californian Quail
Californian Quail / Manubird / pixabay.com

If you’ve gotten this far then chances are that you’re looking to buy yourself a batch of quails for Christmas. But before you do any of that you should also know the price tag that comes attached.

Luckily however you won’t have to worry all that much about breaking the bank since the typical quail actually costs you around a buck or two depending on who you’re looking to buy the quails from.

On top of that you can easily buy a whole batch for less than $15, which is just amazing considering how much of a profit this can mean for you. Just remember to diversify your genders safely as in always go for at least three females per make to make sure that you’re not getting any unnecessary fighting going on at any time.

Also having too few roosters can end up really hurting them as well. They’ll be overbreeding the whole time which can easily end up wearing your poor rooster out. If you want them to live happily amongst each other then always follow the three by one limit so as to avoid any problems in the future.

Other Uses for Quails

Other Uses for Quails
Sagar Paranjape / unsplash.com

Quails are also very useful when it comes to their feathers since they’re often times used a lot in crafting. Similar to their eggs, they come in all sorts of different color schemes so you can really be creative when using their feathers.

Their manure is also considered to be a top-notch fertilizer so if you’re growing anything on the side make sure to help them grow faster and healthier using the manure from the quails.

Last but not least, the typical quail is also very useful when it comes to training your dog. Sure, it can seem quite brutal to just throw them around a dog like that but they make for the perfect training partner so that’s always a plus to take into consideration.

What is the Typical Quail Behavior?

Gray Quail
Gray Quail / Brett Sayles / pexels.com

Quails are essentially some of the easiest to take care of birds in the world and that’s also based around their behavior. They’re very easy to maintain and they get attached very easily to their caretakers so they’ll become friendly with you in no time.

Although quails despise being manhandled usually, they can still be moved around by hand every now and then when they’re still growing up.

Just make sure that you’re around them a lot as they grow up to make them realize the fact that you’re their caretaker. You’ll know if you’ve got this right based on how they welcome you. If they coo a lot a round you then they’re happy to see you which means you’ve done a great job.


Quail Farming
Elisa Stone / unsplash.com

So, in conclusion, there are a ton of similarities between the typical quail and the typical chicken when it comes to taking care of them. They’re very easy to be around and you can easily own a dozen or so even if you do actually live in the big city.

What makes them stand out is their small size, their small and nutritional eggs and their tasty meat. While definitely not the best when it comes to their meat since they’re so small, they are still considered to be one of the top choices for most farmers that are just starting out their journey.

What they lack in size they more than make up in potential profits so be sure to keep that in mind as you’re looking around at the shop trying to see what new addition you could make to your coop.

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