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The World’s Best Agricultural Shows of 2018


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Companies, organizations and other parties involved in organizing some of the most important agricultural events of 2018 seem to have agreed to bring farmers and professionals from the agricultural industry the most recent innovations in a series of agricultural shows organized all over the world. High-class exhibitions take place in 2018, following the success of agricultural shows organized in 2017.

Just like we did last year, we compiled a list of some of the most important agricultural shows of 2018 so mark your calendars for the ones that spark your interest!

Agricultural shows of 2018 in Europe

International Green Week 2018

International Green Week Berlin

This year’s partner country of the International Green Week is Bulgaria, with a special focus on Bulgarian organic products and on the Bulgarian yoghurt, considered one of the country’s delicacies, along other types of dairy products.

More than 1.600 exhibitors from all over the world, more than 100.000 products and 300 technical conferences are part of the Green Week experience each year in Germany.

Getting to International Green Week: The nearest airport to the exhibition venue is Tegel Airport, but visitors from neighboring countries can also take the train.

Agroexpo 2018

Agroexpo Eurasia

Europe’s fourth largest agricultural fair opens its doors right at the beginning of February in 2018. For this year’s edition, the number of estimated participant companies is 850 from 60 participant countries. The organizers also expect a number of 285.000 visitors from Turkey, neighboring countries and from abroad.

Getting to Agroexpo Eurasia: To reach Izmir, the nearest airport is Adnan Menderes.

mascot Haute salon de l'agriculture 2018

Salon International de l’ Agriculture

For 2018, the main theme of this agricultural show is “Agriculture as a collective adventure”, with focus on four key sectors: livestock and breeding, crops and plants, products from across France and its overseas territories and from specific regions from all over the world and agricultural services and professions.

In addition, it has become a tradition for the show to have a different mascot each year. This year, it’s a cow from the Aubrac breed, whose name is Haute. The mascot will be an excellent representative of the breed.

Getting to Salon International de l’ Agriculture: Like the years before, those interested in visiting the agricultural show can purchase plane tickets at a special price with Air France.

Agrotech 2018


Agrotech is the largest exhibition of machines organized in exhibition halls from Poland and Central Europe. The agricultural show has been organized for 24 years and is continuing to grow and attract more and more visitors – more than 71.000 at last year’s edition. The venue provides 11 large exhibition halls and outdoor exhibition grounds, plenty of space of live demonstrations.

Getting to Agrotech: The nearest airport is Radom airport from Kielce.

Vinitaly 2018


Vinitaly, an international wine and spirits exhibition is more than a simple agricultural show. With a long tradition of over 50 years, it has become an experience for all those activating in the wine and spirits industry, as well as for fine wine enthusiasts. The visitors can expect to encounter 4.200 exhibitors from all over the world, participate in wine tastings, seminars, workshops and all kinds of interactive events.

Getting to Vinitaly: International visitors can travel very easy to Venice, arriving at the Marco Polo airport.

Royal Highland Show 2018

Royal Highland Show

One of Scotland’s iconic events, this agricultural show celebrates its 178th edition in 2018. Royal Highland Show showcases more than 1.000 trade exhibitors and 2.150 livestock competitors with more than 6.500 animals. The schedule includes show jumping competitions, countryside pursuits, workshops and other entertaining activities.

Getting to Royal Highland Show: The Royal Highland Centre is located next to Edinburgh Airport and it’s easy to reach from the city’s center.

Farmer Expo 2018

Farmer Expo

The 27th edition of the International Agricultural and Food Exhibition Farmer Expo is organized in cooperation with the University of Debrecen. It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious agricultural events in Hungary and in Central Europe. The edition from 2016 gathered 304 exhibitors from various countries and more than 30.000 visitors.

Getting to Farmer Expo: Debrecen International Airport is located 5 km south – southwest of the city center and it’s also easily accessible to adjacent regions of Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

EIMA 2018

EIMA International

The International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening EIMA is a biennial event created in 1969 by FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation. Each edition hosts approximately 1.900 companies from 40 countries that exhibit more than 5.000 models of equipment and machinery for all types of agricultural operations.

Getting to EIMA: The Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is an international airport serving the city of Bologna, located at approximately 6 km northwest of the city’s center.

Agricultural shows of 2018 in Africa

NIIA exhibition 2018


NIAA Expo West Africa is the first agro – chemical B2B platform in West Africa, designed to facilitate exchange of information between industry professionals and trade cooperation. The exhibition is expected to attract around 5.000 visitors from Nigeria and from other countries in the West African region.

The exhibition is focused mainly on building brand awareness for companies activating in the agricultural industry, demos for specific products and services, market research and serving as an interaction platform for agents, distributors, importers and exporters.

Getting to NIAA:  The exhibition venue, the Abuja International Conference Centre is located approximately 40 km from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.


Nigeria International Poultry and Livestock Expo will be held only for the second time, but the first edition from 2017 was very successful. It’s already considered the largest poultry and livestock exhibition in West Africa, having attracted 46 companies from 9 countries and regions and nearly 3.000 visitors.

Getting to NIPOLI: The nearest airport is the Ibadan Airport.

Aviana Kenya

Aviana Kenya

Aviana agricultural shows are focused on poultry and livestock expos for clients from Africa. The exhibition features the latest animal healthcare products from more than 25 countries, equipment and services provided by 100 exhibiting companies and it’s estimated to attract to more than 10.000 experts and professionals from the animal healthcare industry.

Getting to Aviana Kenya: The exhibition venue is located near Nairobi’s city center and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


The 20th edition of the International Exhibition for the Management & Production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish Agrena has become the largest and most prestigious poultry, livestock and fish show. Not only does it provide a platform for industry professionals to present their products and services for a flourishing market, but it also attracts more and more international visitors as well.

Getting to Agrena: The venue is located in an accessible area from the city’s center as well as from the Cairo International Airport.

Agricultural shows of 2018 in North America

AgDays Manitoba

Manitoba AgDays

AgDays is one of the oldest agricultural shows in Canada, the edition from 2018 being the 41st. The exhibition gathers agricultural products, technologies and equipment and attracts visitors from all over Canada and Central United States.

The most exciting new products at the 2018 edition of the AgDays exhibition include new releases from companies and brands such as Pentair – Hypro, Overton Environmental Enterprises, MacDon, Gallagher and FMC.

Getting to AgDays: The nearest airport is the Brandon Municipal Airport, located 1.6 km north from the city of Brandon.

World AG Expo 2018

World AG Expo

The 2018 edition will showcase, as usual, the winners of the New Products Competition, an event that has become a tradition for this agricultural show. Among this years’ winners are the Global Unmanned Spray System, the ANDROS MegaBinder LRV, the Pivot Control Lite from FieldNET or the Reveal Analysis service from Cargill.

Getting to World AG Expo: The nearest airports to Tulare are Fresno/Yosemite International Airport and Meadows Field Airport.

Agricultural shows of 2018 in Asia

Nepal Agritech

Nepal Agritech

Nepal Agritech is an international exhibition focused on agriculture, farm machinery, dairy, poultry, livestock, farm equipment and agricultural technologies. For this years’ edition, there will be several pavilions dedicated to each industry specific – the Nepal Dairy Tech, the Nepal Grain Tech, Nepal Poultry and Livestock Expo and the Nepal Farm and Machinery Show.

Gettting to Nepal Agritech: The nearest airport is the Tribhuvan International Airport, located at approximately 6 km from the city’s center.

AgraME 2018


Endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, this agricultural show is the longest running one in the Middle East region and Africa, bringing together four dedicated product sectors – crop farming, animal farming, aquaculture and animal health.

Getting to AgraME: The fastest way is to travel by plane, with Dubai International Airport being the nearest airport to the exhibition venue.


The International Trade and Industry Fair takes place in Pakistan, gathering more than 18.000 visitors and 830 exhibitors from various countries. The event is focused mainly on industrial machinery tools and equipment, automotive power plants and raw material supplies.

Getting to ITIF Asia: The nearest airport is the Jinnah International Airport from Karachi.

MAFB 2018

Myanmar Agriculture and Food Tradeshow

  • Location: Grandamar Grand Ballroom, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Date: 5-7 April 2018
  • Official website: com/events/myanmar-agriculture-food-tradeshow-mafb
  • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/jBjQGv1TRx22

The agricultural show is meant to showcase the latest novelties in agriculture, food processing, beverage, procurement and allied sectors, manufacture and practice in Myanmar and abroad, acting as a business partnership platform for industry professionals. In the exhibition area, visitors will also have the opportunity to attend agricultural seminars, food seminars and live cooking shows.

Getting to MAFT: The nearest airport is the Yangon International Airport, located in Mingaladon, 15 km north of central Yangon.


One of China’s largest agricultural shows, China International Modern Agriculture Exhibition is being held in 2018 for the ninth time and has several awards in its portfolio such as China’s Top Brand Exhibitions Award. It is also considered China’s no. 1 exhibition of modern agriculture. For this year’s edition, the exhibition area has 30.000 square meters and it’s expected to have more than 1.000 exhibitors and more than 30.000 visitors. The display areas are divided into “Comprehensive Exhibition”, “Intelligent Agriculture”, “Pesticides and Fertilizers”, “Agricultural Aviation”, “Facility Agriculture”, “Agricultural Machinery”, “Seeds and Seedlings” and “Soil Prevention and Control”.

Getting to CIMAE:  Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport serving Beijing and it’s located 32 km northeast from the city center.

Agri World Osaka

Agri World Osaka

The International Trade Fair for Agricultural and Horticultural Technology consist of three different shows: the International Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Osaka (AGRI TECH), the Next Generation Agriculture Expo Osaka (AGRI NEXT) and the Farmers’ Processing & Sales Support Expo Osaka.

Getting to Agri World: Osaka is served by two international airports, Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) and the Kansai International Airport.


The International Agricultural Machinery Technology & Services Exhibition from Jakarta has reached its 6th edition in 2018. With 500 exhibitors from 18 countries, 15.000 visitors and a venue of 25.000 square meters, the event focuses on technologies and equipment for sugar, palm oil, rice, corn, coconut, cocoa and rubber.

Getting to Inagritech: Soekarno–Hatta International Airport is the main airport serving the Greater Jakarta area in Indonesia.

Agricultural shows of 2018 in South America

Agrishow 2018


In 2018, the International Fair of Agricultural Technology Agrishow celebrates its 25th edition. It is the largest and most important agricultural show in Latin America, launching the main trends and technological innovations in the Brazilian agricultural business and not only. 800 brands from 70 countries exhibit their products and services for an estimated number of 159.000 visitors.

Getting to Agrishow: The nearest airport is Guarulhos International Airport, or Congonhas, located about 300 km from the exhibition venue.

Agricultural shows of 2018 in Australia

Royal Melbourne Show

Royal Melbourne Show

Probably the most well-known agricultural shows with international fame in Australia is the Royal Melbourne Show, a mixture between animal exhibits and various entertaining events such as wine tastes, live cooking shows, workshops and other types of activities.  Considering that it has a tradition of 162 years, it’s easy to see why the event has become important for the agricultural industry, but also as an entertainment factor.

Getting to Royal Melbourne Show: The exhibition venue is conveniently located near the city’s center and the Melbourne Airport.

Of course the list of agricultural shows scheduled for 2018 all over the world is exhaustive but we focused mainly on the ones that have great impact on the agricultural industry and attract international exhibitors and visitor and that have a long-lasting tradition in the field. Did we miss a major agricultural show? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

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