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The 15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Off Grid Living


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Over the years, there has been no greater offender to humanity’s overall mood than boredom. Sadness comes and goes, anger is fleeting before it even fully overtakes us, but boredom on the other end will continue to stick to us practically until we do something about it.

But, how can we get rid of this boredom, especially when going outside and actually doing something fun and eventful can be pretty expensive?

Well, luckily, there is one alternative that is a lot more affordable than you’d think, one that allows for you to have fun alone or with someone without even needing to leave the comfort of your house.

We are talking about TV shows and all of their glory. That’s because TV shows have saved us from boredom time and time again, they are the perfect time waste that will keep you entertained.

But sadly, there aren’t all that many shows that cover farming, ranching and off grid living. As such, for today we decided to bring you a list of the 15 best farming and off grid living TV shows out there.

So, saddle up because we’re about to gallop right over our first pick of the day:

1. Yellowstone

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Yellowstone

If you’re on the prowl looking for a feel-good show that is sure to make your blood boiling, Yellowstone is more than perfect enough to make boredom go away.

The story centers around the Duttons, a prominent ranching family that is spearheaded by the family patriarch John Dutton.

The Duttons have a very long and arduous history of farm life that spans as far back as six generations now, which has led to them holding control over the largest contiguous ranch in the states.

But regardless, the higher you are, the harder the fall will hurt as the Duttons will soon find out after they meet face to face with another large cattle ranch.

Will they be able to protect their legacy and spread their reach even further beyond, or will the Duttons’ bright and shiny history finally come to an end as they get overtaken by the opposition?

Get yourself a cold pack and get ready because this is one of the most intense and beautifully shot shows you could watch this season, and what’s better yet, it’s still running even to this day.

2. The Biggest Little Farm

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – The Biggest Little Farm

While it doesn’t technically qualify as a TV show, the Biggest Little Farm is still worth checking out if you want to take a gander at what we can safely say is some of the most beautiful cinematography ever showcased.

The farming docu-film depicts the story of John and Molly Chester, as the two throw away the idea of city life in exchange for a homestead on 200 acres of overworked farmland.

The documentary also doesn’t stray away from showcasing just how horrible of a choice this can be for those that are not ready to make the leap towards the farmer’s life.

But, as you can probably expect too, the show also portrays perfectly just how much of a blessing this can be for those that are willing to really put themselves out there.

3. Unplugged Nation

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Unplugged Nation

The premise of Unplugged Nation is actually quite simple to understand. The show’s creators handpick a list of families that wish that love the idea of living a homesteading life and they transport them to an off-grid location to live out their dreams.

What makes this show so great though is the fact that it perfectly balances comedy with wholesomeness. It doesn’t just show the people struggling and point fingers at them.

Sure, they are all newbies that have never worked a field in their life, and there are plenty of funny moments to laugh at there.

But at the same time, the show points out how no one was born a master at the craft, and how even these city folks can overcome the challenges and live out their dreams on the ranch.

What’s best about it though is that you can actually find plenty of episodes on YouTube right now so if you want to you can check them out for yourself.

4. Building Off the Grid

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Building Off the Grid

Building off the Grid is a very uniquely entertaining show with an awesome premise too. As you can tell from the title alone, the show centers around off-grid dwellers and their daily struggles.

So, if you like the idea of watching these ingenious masterminds prepare for, build and maintain their self-sufficient setups, then definitely check the show out on Hulu or Discovery+.

On top of that though, the show’s cast is also quite diverse as it travels to Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming and even a unique man-made floating island which showcases just how brilliant these people are.

5. Homestead Rescue 

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Homestead Rescue

Homestead Rescue on the other hand takes a whole different approach altogether, with it showcasing exactly what you shouldn’t be doing on your homestead.

The show centers around Marty Raney and his children Matt and Misty as they travel to different locations, judging different homesteaders that asked for help.

What makes them so qualified to be judges here is the fact that every one of them have worked tirelessly to become masters at their craft. Misty for example is a farming expert, while Matt is an unmatched hunter and fisherman.

Marty on the other hand is a great teacher that can help anyone understand the many ins and outs of homesteading.

So, embark on this journey with them as they travel from place to place, helping homesteaders increase their productivity tenfold.

6. American Harvest

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – American Harvest

The main premise behind this show may not be much, but trust us when we tell you that it’s well worth the watch.

It follows the experiences of random farmers over the years, teaching you about their struggles and how they learned to deal with their problems.

The show centers around a man by the name of Chad Olsen, a man that is well versed in the harvesting of corn, soybeans, wheat and pretty much anything of that sort.

He teaches you what it means to be a farmer in the US, as he is more than qualified enough to do so, owning well over 80 combines around the country. You can watch American Harvest exclusively on Carbon TV.

7. Mountain Men

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Mountain Men

This show is different in that it really does make you feel like you are watching the original pioneers from the 1800s as they try their hardest to survive in the wilderness and live out on their own.

While they do have the occasional cell phone and snowmobile come up, they still do try their hardest to live a simple life away from the rest of society as we know it.

The main characters that the show follows are part of different families as they all try their hardest to make a living and earn a good profit.

You can also find full episodes on YouTube, or better yet you can just access them on the History Channel’s website if you want to.

8. Alaska the Last Frontier

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Alaska the Last Frontier

Alaska, The Last Frontier, is easily one of the most popular TV shows on this list, and for good reason too. What makes it so enjoyable to watch is the fact that it is just constant action that showcases the dangers of a large extended family living on a 600-acre homestead in Alaska.

The family in question here is the Kitchers, and they have been living here in the middle of nowhere, around 11 miles away from Homer, Alaska, for well over four generations now.

The show perfectly encapsulates the struggles that the Kitchers need to overcome, including the fact that they can’t just go to a grocery store to get their food.

Instead, they need to either trap, hunt, forage or farm their own meals, otherwise they will go unfed that day.

One key difference between this show and your average off-grid homesteading family is the fact that these are professionals that have been doing this for many decades now.

It is both interesting and shocking to see how they came up with these innovative ways to make a living, which makes this one of the most brilliant shows you could watch right now.

9. Heartland

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Heartland

Heartland is based on a series of novels that carries the same name, and it is just an incredible ride that you will never grow tired of.

It is actually the longest running one-hour scripted drama show in Canada’s history, which should already be a pretty good indicator of just how intense and entertaining this show is.

The only real downside to watching a show this old is the fact that you will need to catch up on a lot of episodes in order to get up to date.

But, this doesn’t have to be all bad as it does mean that you can embark on this journey and that you will never have to get off anytime soon, simply because there will always be more episodes for you to binge through.

But regardless, what is the show actually about? Well, the plot follows Amy Fleming, a gifted horse trainer and her noble hearted family.

Amy and her older sister Lou try to rekindle their relationship while their estranged father Tim shows up after the passing of their mother.

Although the story is dipped in tragedy and hopelessness, the family does start to bond after the loss of their mother figure.

While it is not the most action-packed show out there, it will bring more than a handful of tears to your eyes as it will help you remember just how important family truly is.

10. Tiny House Nation

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Tiny House Nations

Tiny House Nation is pretty much just an alternative version of Extreme Home Makeovers. It follows the same rhythm as John Weisbarth and Zack Griffin travel across the US looking for people that are unhappy with their current living conditions.

But, instead of rebuilding their houses and making them as high and mighty as possible, the two specialize in building tiny dream homes for people that are looking to downsize.

The houses that the two build for their customers are not allowed to be any larger than 500 square feet, but if you think that they will simply give them glorified RVs, you’re deeply mistaken.

The houses that you will see built here are downright incredible, from a small-scale gothic castle all the way up to a Florida beach bungalow, and that’s just the beginning.

The show also makes for a great watch if you want to downsize yourself, so if you want to get a few nifty ideas on how you can create your perfect tiny house, definitely consider watching Tiny House Nation on Netflix and YouTube.

11. Tiny House Hunting


Tiny homes are not for everyone, but there is definitely a market out there for them, and this show knows that.

In fact, the show glorifies the fact that there are so many amazing small houses out there as it tries to show off just how beautiful these places can be.

But enough praises, what is the show actually about? Well, the premise is quite simple. The show follows a different set of people every episode as they hunt for their dream house.

What’s special about it though is that they’re only allowed to look through small houses. So, they are taken to three different homes and they need to pick out the best houses for them. It’s quite a simple yet super effective formula that never really gets old.

12. The Minimalists: A Documentary About the Important Things

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Minimalists A Documentary About the Important Things

Just to be clear though, homesteading is not the same as minimalism. While they do seem to correlate every now and then, they are different subjects altogether.

Homesteading simply refers to the desire to live life with more purpose and less fluff. True homesteaders try to live out their lives with as few distractions as possible.

Minimalism on the other hand centers around the desire to live with more purpose and less stuff. While both of them essentially ditch the fluff of everyday city life, there is less of a focus on the country life and more so on living a life secluded from consumerism.

With that being said, the show The Minimalists covers exactly that, as it portrays just how much one can achieve even without the outside help of the rest of society.

13. The American Farm

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – American Farmer

As opposed to most other homesteading shows out there, The American Farm doesn’t shy away from showing off the technology that we can all make use of in order to better our agriculture and farming habits.

This show perfectly displays the lives of the people that are responsible for the food we put on our tables.

On top of that it educates us on the newest technological developments in the homesteading industry and better yet, it helps us understand what we ourselves could improve upon on our farms to make our job easier.

14. Dirty Jobs

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – Dirty Jobs

This is a bit of an odd pick, we know, but trust us when we tell you that there are very few shows out there that are as fun to watch as Dirty Jobs.

The show’s premise is quite simple, Mike Rowe goes from business to business as he tries to see what the dirties jobs in the world are.

While that in itself has very little to do with farming and ranching, do keep in mind that they are quite messy workplaces so every now and then he does cover one from our niche.

But even so, it is by far one of the most entertaining shows to watch, so if you’re looking for an easily digestible and better yet, very educational show that will make you more appreciative of your current situation, there is no better option out there than Dirty Jobs.

15. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

15 Best TV Shows about Farming and Ranching – David Attenborough A Life on Our Planet

Last but not least we have David Attenborough’s latest documentary right here, and you may be wondering, what’s so special about it?

Well, to put it bluntly, it is just a fascinating ride that you will never be able to disembark once you do start it.

The show is carried by its narrator, Sir David Attenborough, as he travels around the globe through time and space, giving us the past, present and future of the wilderness that our world is capable of.

Do keep in mind though that it is quite a sad watch, as the documentary doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showcasing the brutal nature of the wilderness and the consequences of human choices.

It is a bit of a hard pill to swallow, but if you do want to see what nature is actually all about and how devastating humanity’s actions can be on the world as we know it, join Attenborough and you will not regret it.

So, if you do want to see how much influence you have on the planet yourself, be sure to check it out on Netflix as it is definitely worth a watch.


There are a lot more shows out there for you to go and watch, but very few of them are as fun and exciting to go through as these options right here.

When we compiled our list we also tried to give you a full rundown of different themes and genres so that you can choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

As such, we hope that these picks served their purpose and that you got a brand new show you can binge through the next time you feel like it. Thank you for your attention and happy homesteading.

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