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The 25 Best Cowboy Boots to Buy Right Now


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The fashion world is pretty much just always on the move, so no matter how hard you try you to keep up you will never be able to get the jump on what’s popular at the moment.

This is why we always recommend that you choose the trends that you personally find appealing and make them your own because by the end of the year, the fashion sense will come back around so you’ll be in vogue in no time.

That’s the thing about the fashion industry, you can never predict what’s going to come up next but what you can do is you can be the change that you want to see in the world by being the first one to rock that style.

Tecovas Cowboy Boots
Tecovas Cowboy Boots

So, with that being said, for today’s article we would like to cover one of the most stylish additions to the farming world that we could think of, and that is cowboy boots.

While many believe that cowboy boots are nothing short of a waste of money, what these people don’t realize is the fact that this footwear item can easily make or break most outfits out there, adding to the personality of the fit by a rockslide.

In order to educate those people and more specifically showoff what they’re missing out on we’ll bring you the top 25 absolute best cowboy boots that your money could buy you. But before we get into that how about we bring you a few more fun facts to help you better understand what you’re dealing with.

The History of Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots history
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Cowboy boots, or men’s western boots as they’re commonly referred to in the fashion industry, first came about in England and Mexico of all places. They were originally meant to look like the Wellington or Hessian boots, but they soon adopted their own style in order to be better suited for the American Military during Civil War.

By 1843, a thousand people managed to walk across the Oregon Trail and as soon as they started getting accustomed to the new grounds, they also figured they needed a brand-new pair of boots that could resist the rocky terrain and protect them from snakes.

Soon after two companies started to take over the market by bringing in the very first prototypes of what would alter on become the classic cowboy boots that we all love.

They were the Justin Boots and Hyers Brothers Boots and before long they turned cowboy boots into a signature of the west, prevailing through the ages, essentially becoming the most iconic part of the 1800s fashion sense.

Different Types of Cowboy Boots

Justin Boots Western Boots
Justin Boots Western Boots

As far as general types of western boots go, you have the following:

Cowboy boots are the most iconic farmer boots that you could buy nowadays. They are a bit more slanted and they feature a one-inch heel that is known as the Cuban heel. The toe is usually pointed although it can also be round and the tooling goes all the way up to the shaft.

Roper boots on the other hand have their heels and shafts a lot lower than the typical cowboy boots, which is why they’re also known as the “gentleman’s cowboy boot”.

Harness boots came out around the 1860s and they are known for their square toe and highlighted ankle straps that come with a bunch of metal rings to make the look rougher signifying the fact that they were usually worn by the US calvary.

The Work boots are known for the rubber soles and the fact that they have a bunch of bells and whistles attached to them.

The Stockman boots are very similar although they feature a shorter and wider heel and a way larger V in the shaft.

The Fashion boots are exactly what they sound like, they’re flashy and very sparkly, usually embroidered too in order to make the wearer stand out more.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

Laredo Western Cowboy Boots
Laredo Western Boots

The best part about cowboy boots is that they work with everything, so regardless of whether you’re going to an important event wearing a suit or if you’re just out on a trail walk with your friends, you can still make your costume match perfectly by picking the right type of cowboy boots.

But enough dilly dallying, let’s hop on this trail right here and gallop until there’s no more sun behind our heads, starting off with:

25. Ariat Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot

Ariat Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot

Ariat is a premium footwear company that always delivers on its promises. They actually started off by bringing us the first cow boots out there, and even to this day they continue to share the same level of ingenuity with these absolutely astonishing designs that they have to offer.

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24. Ranch Road Boots Bexar Brown

Ranch Road Boots Bexar Brown

This brand was actually founded in Texas and from the moment of its inception they knew that they had to represent the Great American West to its full potential.

As such, they made a reputation for themselves as some of the best manufacturers of premium leather boots out there, and while their newest shoes may be manufactured in Spain, they still employ the usage of traditional craftsmanship techniques to make their boots timeless.

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23. Frye Harness 8R Boot

Frye Harness 8R Boot

Back in 1863, John A. Frye made it his life’s goal to change the footwear industry by bringing in the very first cowboy boots that the world had ever seen.

Fast forward to present day and guess what, while he may not be around anymore, his name still lives on as his predecessors continue to up their game by bringing us some of the most incredible authentic cowboy boots our money could buy us.

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22. Laredo Willow Creek

Laredo Willow Creek

These classic authentic looking cowboy boots will do you justice if you ever want to walk around and feel like you’re about to take down that good for nothing scoundrel that has taken over your favorite bar.

All jokes aside, the 13-inch boot shaft coupled with the pull-on straps are absolutely to die for and of course, the pointed toe profile takes the cake with this one without a doubt.

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21. Dan Post Renegade Western

Dan Post Renegade Western

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of gorgeous looking western boots there’s no better way to say this but you’ve got to check out this pair by Dan Post.

Everything about them is iconic, all down to the handcrafted cushion technology that they continue to employ even to this day.

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20. Durango Rebel

Durango Rebel

Despite the fact that they are arguably some of the smallest boots you’ll ever wear, that doesn’t mean that they are anything less than perfect from every conceivable point of view.

These boots feature the full grain leather uppers, the modern cushion-flex insole and of course, a ventilated cushion footbed to make sure that you never get tired walking around in them.

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19. Tecovas the Johnny

Tecovas the Johnny

Coming up next, we have the Tecovas, one of the most iconic direct-to-consumer brands that you’ll ever come across in your life. Not only are these boots known for setting the bar very high for all the other top brands on this list, but they also offer you some of the most affordable boots on the market as well.


18. Lucchese Tanner Boots

Lucchese Tanner Boots

Lucchese are known for pretty much taking traditional designs and bringing them into the new era by completely modernizing them from top to bottom.

This is especially true for the Tanner Boots and you can immediately see why. These roper-style boots immediately help you stand out from the crowd especially due to the premium goat leather that they used to create them in the first place.

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17. Rhodes Roper Boots

Rhodes Roper Boots

Despite the fact that Rhodes are not necessarily known for their cowboy boots, we will say that the Roper Boots are a very big exception to this because of how absolutely incredible they are both quality wise and price range as well.

These boots could rival some of the most expensive boots on the market and yet they’re fairly priced at less than $200 on their website.


16. Justin Boots Classic Western

Justin Boots Classic Western

As we mentioned previously, the Justin Boots brand became iconic by bringing us some of the first cowboy boots on the open market, but what we didn’t mention is the fact that they continued to up their quality with every passing year, never slowing down or stopping.

The Classic Westerns are just the perfect example of them showing off what they can do, and if you like this black leather design they got going you need to check out some of their other pairs of boots because they are pretty much all just as comfortable and good looking as these ones right here.

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15. Nocona Boots Legacy L Toe

Nocona Boots Legacy L Toe

If you’re a fan of the classic vintage look then these may very well be at the top of your list simply because they’re unmatched in that category.

Nocona really outdid themselves by making sure that each and every pair of their Legacy L Toe boots are unique by having them be embroidered by hand.

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14. Laredo Western Boots

Laredo Western Boots

While this may not be everyone’s favorite choice, we have to mention them simply because they are some of the most underrated cowboy boots that we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying on.

They are made of genuine lizard skin and if that wasn’t enough to get your attention just check out that beautiful leather shaft and the white stitching that goes around it.

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13. Justin Boots Buck Boot

Justin Buck Boot

Quite possibly some of the most comfortable western boots that you could get these days, we all know that in order to be able to casually walk around in a pair of cowboy boots you first need to suffer the aching pain until they ease up on your feet.

Luckily this is never going to be a problem for the Justin Buck Boots as they’re pretty much perfect from your very first wear onwards.

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12. Durango Rebel Cactus

Durango Rebel Cactus

But hey, not everyone’s on the market for comfiness, a lot of us want to stand out a little bit no matter where they’re going. Durango has plenty of interesting western boots to choose from but these ones definitely have that extra something, available in all sorts of colors and patterns.

And guess what? They’re also very comfortable, with a decent support and soft mesh lining inside.

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11. Cavender’s Old Town Folklore Boots

Cavender Old Town Folklore Boots

If you’re specifically aiming for wide feet footwear then look no further than Cavender’s top seller right here.

Not only is this one of the most practical picks on our list but it is also one of the most well protected ones against bacteria thanks to its very well-designed insole.


10. Justin Boots Stampede Boots

Justin Boots Stampede Boots

While a lot of our picks for this list are stunning to look at but not exactly the most practical choice around, the Stampede Boots are made to be worn outside as much as possible and this truly shows from the fact that their outsoles are oil and slip resistant and they’re especially durable thanks to their leather uppers.

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9. Red Wing Traction Tred

Red Wing Traction Tred

These are anything but traditional looking, in fact, we would argue that design wise these look more like engineer boots than they do cowboy boots.

But even so, if you like the slightly different design choice then you will find these to be some of the comfiest and most practical boots you’ll have ever bought and that’s a fact.

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8. Tecovas Cartwright

Tecovas Cartwright

The Cartwright boots are absolutely incredible to look at, everything about them just screams fashion and that’s not an exaggeration.

They used genuine leather alongside the calfskin upper and a nice touch of bovine lining to make them stand out and as far as we can tell, their mission definitely turned into an astounding success.

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7. Ariat Barstow

Ariat Barstow

These boots are not meant to stay indoors under careful examination. They are meant to be worn outside, and they are ready to take on the world no matter how rough or dirty things get.

Thanks to their premium full-grain leather foot and upper and of course, the Goodyear leather welt, these boots are sure to match your energy and bring out the inner cowboy that you have in you every time you walk outside.

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6. Chippewa Bay Apache Boots

Chippewa Bay Apache Boots

These American-made boots are perfect for any occasion, any event and most importantly, they’re perfect regardless of the rest of the fit that you’re currently sporting.

Not only are they extremely high quality but they’re also incredibly gorgeous to look at, and if you like to feel your toes protected, you’ll be happy to hear that they come with a triple ribbed steel shank that ensures that you never need to worry about them getting hurt.

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5. Heritage Boot Co. Westerner

Heritage Boot Co. Westerner

Heritage Boot Co. are here to offer you some of the most modern looking traditional cowboy boots that we’ve ever seen and that’s no easy feat.

They manage to perfectly mix up the old and the new, creating this new concoction which we just can’t get enough of.

Heritage Boot

4. Tony Lama Boots Bay Apache 7902 Boot

Tony Lama Boots Bay Apache 7902 Boot

This brand is famous for making boots that are 100-percent leather and this pair is no exception. The Bay Apache 7902 boots are perfect for any get-together, and similar to other picks on our list they manage to blend the classic look with the new modern design that everyone can get behind.

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3. Nocona Jackpot Western Boots

Nocona Jackpot Western Boots

Yet another pair of classic US made boots right here, not only are the Jackpot Boots extremely durable and comfy, but they’re also exceptionally affordable, ranging around $150 on Amazon all year round.

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2. Corral A3479 Boot

Corral A3479 Boot

By far one of our all-time favorites right here, the Corral A3479 boots are perfect for any occasion regardless of where you’re heading off to.

They especially shine with your best denim outfit though, especially if you’re looking to hit the rodeo and impress some of the people there before you even hop on.

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1. Tecovas The Cooper Boot

Tecovas The Cooper Boot

These boots will never go out of style and even ten years from now, after they’re worn down to a crisp, they’ll look better than anything else you’ll have in your collection.

There are just not enough words to describe how incredible these are, they are made up of limited-edition belly-cut Nile crocodiles and while the price may be astronomical for some, they are still well worth it if you want to get a pair of cowboy boots that you’ll never need to replace.



Just as an endnote we would like to urge you to start shining your shoes more to make sure that they always look their best.

Some people out there prefer to have them worn out to add to their character, but even the sturdiest pair of cowboy boots will break down if you don’t take care of it in the slightest.

A little shine here and there can really add a lot of years to their lifespan so don’t forget to shine them up before you go out next time!

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